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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Easy & Inexpensive Way to Add a Little Flair to Your Hair!

Check out these celebrities rocking the latest feather hair extension craze!

OK, so we're not celebrities but we decided to try our hand at installing these feather extensions ourselves.  It was real easy and fun!  It took only about 30 seconds per extension.  And talk about a low cost and fun enhancement for your hair...each feather only costs about $3-$4, so there's no breaking the bank!  We've been stopped on the street and complemented.  People have been asking us where they can get their own extensions!  Next we want to try a little streak of color to make things even more fun!

We got a little carried away and decided to give one of our dogs a feather extension also.  Doesn't she look cute?  We took her out for a walk and the feather extension was not only a show stopper, it was also a conversation piece!  So much for exercising!

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