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Monday, June 6, 2011

One Bag.....Endless Possibilities!

Interested in purchasing or viewing the latest collection?  Check out the link below:

Shoes and bags, every gals obsession.  We're focusing on the bag part of the obsession in this post.  :)

So, have you ever been faced with the dilemna of changing your purse to match your outfit only to find out that you left a credit card, makeup, or your driver's license in the other purse?  Yikes!  

Well fret no more!  The Miche Bag is every gal's answer to convenience, practicality, and efficiency while still keeping fashion in mind!  And in keeping with the Baublez and Bagz mission of being fashionable yet thrifty, these bags are affordable!  For the price of a designer bag, you get eight (8) different purse looks based on their most expensive items.  Yes, you read that correctly!

So how does it work?  There are basically 3 bag sizes to choose from:

                                                                            The Mini


Dressed up with one of over a dozen available shells

                                                                          The Classic
Dressed up with one of over 30 available shells

                The Big Bag

Dressed up with one of over 30 available shells

The shells are attached via hidden magnets (yes, they are credit card safe).  When you want to change your purse to match your outfit, you simply "undress" the bag by removing the attached shell then attach the new shell!  Can we say easy!!!!!!  See the illustration below.

There are even several handle options to choose from!

Miche bags have even hit Hollywood!

Baublez and Bagz is currently giving away a shell!  Look for our giveaway post!

To purchase or see the latest collection, click on the link:

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