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Friday, May 27, 2011

Follow Our Blog To Enter Our Upcoming Contest(s)

Stay tuned for our upcoming trivia contest.  You MUST be a follower of our blog to enter the contest for a chance to win free Miche Bag Shells.  More details coming soon!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Easy & Inexpensive Way to Add a Little Flair to Your Hair!

Check out these celebrities rocking the latest feather hair extension craze!

OK, so we're not celebrities but we decided to try our hand at installing these feather extensions ourselves.  It was real easy and fun!  It took only about 30 seconds per extension.  And talk about a low cost and fun enhancement for your hair...each feather only costs about $3-$4, so there's no breaking the bank!  We've been stopped on the street and complemented.  People have been asking us where they can get their own extensions!  Next we want to try a little streak of color to make things even more fun!

We got a little carried away and decided to give one of our dogs a feather extension also.  Doesn't she look cute?  We took her out for a walk and the feather extension was not only a show stopper, it was also a conversation piece!  So much for exercising!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Low Cost Girl's Night Out

Are you looking for a low cost girl's night out complete with goodie bags, free alcohol (yes you read that correctly!), free food samples, and shopping?  Then check out "Shecky's Girls Night Out" in the link below.  For $25-$30 (depending on your city) you get access to all this!  If you sign up on their website, they also offer discount codes for admission throughout the year.

We've been to a half dozen of these events and they do not disappoint.  So here, we break the event up for you:

1.  Goodie bags - Can we say OMG!  The swag in these bags are worth more than the admission fee.  Over the years, our bags have contained paperback books, high-end makeup, organic hair care products, sunglasses, fancy air fresheners, Body Shop products, food samples, and makeup bags. 

2.  Free alcohol - Budweiser has featured their products and even offered a free beer tasting/pairing class.  X-rated vodka and Midori have also made appearances.  Need we say more?

3.  Free food samples - Vitamin water, St. Croix, chocolate samples, Cabot cheese, and various snack food companies offered their tasty vittles.

4.  Shopping - You can get some really good discounts on the latest jewelry, bag, shoe, and clothing trends.  There are also candle and tea companies.  It's shopping galore!

Keeping up with the latest in what to wear (and how to pull it off) is hard. Fashion styles come and go, and beauty trends fade in and out. One thing that's always in style: quality time with your friends. At Girls Night Out, you and your fabulous entourage will discover unique designers, sip our delectable drinks, and cap your night off with some pretty pampering and glorious Goodie Bags (trust us, you don’t want to miss the goodies).  -Shecky's

Here we are shopping while enjoying free adult beverages!

OK, here we are a few drinks later posing behind our goodie bags and wearing the cute heart sunglasses from our goodie bags.

Check out the swag we found in our goodie bags.  At the end of the evening, we go to a late night restaurant, pour out the contents of our bags, and trade with each other!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What It's All About.....

Everyone wants to look good and with today's economy, we want to look good on a tight budget.  Let's face it, have you ever flipped through a fashion magazine and then suddenly, a pretty little bauble speaks to you?  Your heart tells your mind, "I have got to have that!"  You scan to the caption next to the pic only to find out that the piece that speaks to you costs $200!  It's tough to justify a piece that almost costs as much as a car payment! 

We are bargain shoppers, real people on a realistic budget.  We like to look good, fashion forward, and trendy without busting the budget.  We like to find styles that are current but won't break the bank.  That's what Baublez and Bagz is all about, looking fabulous on a realistic budget.  So for all you bargain-minded fashionistas out there, this is the blog for you!  Enjoy!